Duck Duck Goose 2018

Duck Duck Goose  Storyline

Peng is a freewheeling bachelor goose who’d rather do anything than practice for the upcoming migration. He thinks he’s better than everyone else and spends his time attempting crazy stunts at even crazier speeds. In one such stunt, Peng flies too near the ground, hits a flock of ducklings and separates brother and sister, Chao and Chi, from the rest. In this unlikely meeting, Peng will begin a journey that will break his wing and nearly break his heart as he grows to understand the power of unconditional love in the form of two ducklings, who likewise grow to see him as the best father they could ever have.

Peng rejects the community of his tight-knit flock of geese in an attempt to live life on his own terms, but when he narrowly rescues two young ducklings from an eccentric but deadly cat, the two latch onto Peng like a parent. The makeshift trio embark on a beautiful and dangerous journey through mountains and lakes, bamboo forests, marble caves and deep river valleys to reach their respective flocks.
Initial release: March 9, 2018 (China)
Box office: 10.5 million USD
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Credited cast:
Jim Gaffigan Jim Gaffigan Peng (voice)
Zendaya Zendaya Chi (voice)
Lance Lim Lance Lim Chao (voice)
Greg Proops Greg Proops Banzou (voice)
Natasha Leggero Natasha Leggero Jinjing (voice)
Diedrich Bader Diedrich Bader Bing (voice)
Reggie Watts Reggie Watts Carl (voice)
Carl Reiner Carl Reiner Larry (voice)
Stephen Fry Stephen Fry Frazier (voice)
Craig Ferguson Craig Ferguson Giles (voice)
Jennifer Grey Jennifer Grey Edna (voice)
Rick Overton Rick Overton Stanley (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Meilee Condron Meilee Condron (voice)
Jack Huang Jack Huang Chef (voice)
William M. Steinberg William M. Steinberg Frog